Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Letter to the editor

I'm not sure if or when the Globe and Mail is going to publish the letters they've been receiving about the Toronto Humane Society, but here's one I was cc'd on that deserves airing.

dear kate,

firstly, let me say a big thank you for speaking out for the animals with your wonderful article and truly giving the animals a voice.

thank you for writing it!!

there are many things that need to happen at the THS. most importantly the welfare and care of the animals needs to become the priority.
one obvious and necessary solution is that THS needs to start working together with rescue groups to help the animals. part of THS's problem
has always been that they have never been willing to work with rescue groups. it has been heartbreaking to know that rescue groups are willing
and able to help these animals, but have not been able to reach out to those in need and instead these poor animals are languishing in the shelter
with no chance of adoption.

this needs to change for the sake of the animals that depend on shelter facilities and private rescue groups for a second chance.

the rescue community and shelters/humane societies can and do work together in many instances so why will the THS not do the same... it only benefits
the animals and helps make room for more dogs needing the shelter.

thank you, dora, project pet rescue

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