Thursday, June 18, 2009

Links to "How Animals Are Neglected at the THS" - updated


You would see animal care workers scooping food into a bowl, opening a kennel door, kicking in the food bowl, and then closing the door again. The food bowls often land in a pile of feces or urine because the staff aren’t allowed to clean the kennels until the dogs have been fed. Would you put your dog’s breakfast in a pile of vomit and expect them to eat it?

Read the rest here. This article doesn't nearly cover it all but it's a start.

Further images from the Association for the Reform of the Toronto Humane Society (ART) here.

Who is responsible for this?


This Saturday, June 20, 2 p.m. Toronto Humane Society at 11 River St.


Joanne said...

Maybe Tim Trow should have his expired food thrown into his feces-filled office onto a urine-soaked blanket and have no other choice but to eat it. Then drink dirty water out of a dirty bowl. It is unconscionable to do this to something that cannot speak for itself, is totally reliant on humans for its care and has no alternative choices in the matter. It is animal abuse, plain and simple.

Could not the dogs that get along spend most of the day out in the much touted dog park while their cages are cleaned, etc.

You mean to tell me that with all the money they have collected and squandered they couldn't have installed some kind of built-in watering system.

This enrages me, I gave these aholes money to feed and take care of animals, not to piss away on frivolous lawsuits (to prove god knows what point).

thsprotest said...

The Association for the Reform of the Toronto Humane Society has posted some pretty graphic photos. These photos were taken inside the THS of animals living in their own filth.

These images are really graphic and will disturb some people

Shannon said...

I'm a new reader, finding your blog only recently. I'm a former volunteer at the THS, fired when the Teamsters Union was on strike back in 2006. Reason for letting me go . . . speaking to the people walking on the picket line.

Gary, shelter manager, never returned my numerous phone calls or the letter I sent to him.

I spent about 10 hours a week walking dogs as an orange level walker and also fostered cats and kittens in my home.

At the time, there was an urgent plea for new volunteers in those positions.

Much to my dissapointment, I have an all day meeting to attend on Saturday and can't make it to the protest. Any other time, and I would have been there.

I'll be with you in spirit though.

monica said...

"animal care workers kicking in the food bowl" I would use the term "animal care workers" loosely. There doesn't appear to be much "animal care". It is deplorable that they aren't allowed to clean the cages before feeding the animals but kicking the bowl into the kennel isn't showing much "care" either. Management sucks but it sounds like some of the staff do too. T

Anonymous said...

I'm planning on going Fred. Something needs to be done. This protest is a start. THS has so much potential under different management. THIS IS SO HEARTBREAKING. I want to shout out " stop focussing on the other shelters and work on your own" Not only does a shelter manager need to care and love animals but he/she also need to know how to communicate with people. When staff and volunteers are being treated like crap and crying themselves to sleep at night something needs to change. When potential adopters are being turned away or treated so badly that they leave disgruntled, well that is a major major isuue. I have talked to so many great dog owners who originally went to THS to adopt but were treated so badly and made to feel like they were bad people who didn't deserve a pet. Well they ended up buying from a breeder.Too turned off to ever go back to THS. My sister volunteered there a while back and she too didn't last more than a month or so. She would wait 30-40 minutes between dogs while waiting for a staff member to get her the next dog. In that time she could have gotten at least 2 other dogs out. She was also given such attitude(understandably the staff were probably just as frusterated)Instead of shit talking TAS, Tim Trow could learn a bit from the success of our volunteer program. I have never left TAS without the staff thanking me for coming by and telling me how much they and the animals appreciate it. This makes the world of difference to me


Fred said...

Monica, "kicking in the food bowl" maybe should have been used with some explanation. From the sounds of things, there are literally hundreds of animals to feed with not enough time or staff to feed them, certainly not enough time for niceties. In a place that is supposed to show compassion, things are set up so that there is no time for compassion. And that's why so many have quit.