Thursday, June 11, 2009

The children

When my sister was four, she'd go into my room while I was away at school and play with my toys and sometimes break things. I'd get home, discover my favorite model airplane or favorite G.I. Joe (everything was my favorite) was broken and I'd go confront my sister and she'd deny everything and run into her room and slam the door. But that's okay. She was four.

How old are the board members of the Toronto Humane Society?

From Ian McConachie, a THS spokesperson to the Globe and Mail:

“Please do not contact Toronto Humane Society Board members directly unless they have specifically given you permission to contact them for comment. Your email inquiry to many of them has not been well received and they feel you have used their personal information without their permission.”

This was the response given to the Globe and Mail when the newspaper tried to contact THS board members over their recent decision to continue their support of Tim Trow's rule over the troubled shelter.

See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Way to go board members.

And what's all this about Tim Trow avoiding the process server each of the six time the guy tried to give the prez an affidavit requesting the society's membership list? Did Trow just happen to be not around each time or was he bravely standing behind the brooms in the closet in the room behind the room in the back of the secret sub-basement with the lights turned off?

Waaaaaaugh, it's the process server! Run awaaaaay! He's coming, he's coming. Hide, hide, hide! Waaaaaaugh!

I can see a black ops government organization wanting to remain silent about their dastardly affairs but the Toronto Humane Society is a frickin' public charity for God's sake. Little children are encouraged to donate to it. It's about saving puppies and kittens. It's not supposed to act like a secret society or a freakin cult.

I mean holy shit, the Moonies could learn a thing or two from these guys.


Joanne said...

From the Corporations Act, RSO c. C.38, ss 307(1)

Where list of shareholders to be furnished

307.(1)Any person, upon payment of a reasonable charge therefor and upon filing with the corporation or its agent the affidavit referred to in subsection (2), may require a corporation, other than a private company, or its transfer agent to furnish within ten days from the filing of such affidavit a list setting out the names alphabetically arranged of all persons who are shareholders or members of the corporation, the number of shares owned by each such person and the address of each such person as shown on the books of the corporation made up to a date not more than ten days prior to the date of filing the affidavit.

Has this been done?????????????

Heather B said...

Does THS/ OSPCA think that this is going to go away if they say nothing?
I think not. Not this time. Too much has come out against THS and more needs to be brought to light. The animals deserve better. What happened to putting the animals first and paycheques last? OSPCA is known for hiding the truth around these parts but to have them go after the THS seems to be pushing blame away from themselves which is too bad. Both these charity`s need to be investigated. Where are the millions of government dollars and where are the donations?
Not one of these ass`s have the guts to speak openly and honestly. I gotta wonder what else is going on over there. JMO

Fred said...

Sunny, please e-mail. You can find the address if you click on "VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE" under ABOUT ME in the toolbar to the right. Thanks.