Saturday, June 13, 2009

Update 2 on Daisy

Before you scroll down to look at the photos, take a look at Daisy, the Great Dane, when she was first transported here from Montreal in this video. You may remember that her foster was surprised to find that super skinny Daisy was actually pregnant at the time and eventually gave birth to six puppies.

Well, most of the puppies have now been adopted and Daisy herself has blossomed into a truly majestic dog. Amazing work done by her foster mom, Rita.

Hi Fred, how are you, I'm fine but very busy, I moved to a bigger house because of the dogs, LOL Daisy is doing real good she looks in perfect health and weights 125lbs now, she is finished with the babies so I will be getting her spayed in the next week or so.

The babies are big. I've enclosed pics of Sam and Bambi, the two I still have, when they were 7 weeks. I want to keep Sam but Bambi is still available for adoption. I had a hard time adopting the babies out because I wanted to keep them all.

I wouldn't make a good breeder. When I adopted out Daisy's babies, my daughter and I cried for hours for each one. So I'm in no rush to adopt out Bambi, maybe then I can keep her too LOL.

The two fawn pups are Sam and Bambi (not sure which is which)


Heather B said...

Holy Crap!
Now that`s what I call a dog. Good job, Rita. If you keep the pups, you may have to move again. lol
Great update and good news for a change.
Thanks for starting my day off with a smile.

onequarterdal said...

Congratulations! I love seeing the "diamonds in the ruff" blossom with TLC. Gorgeous dogs!

Social Mange said...

Oh, Rita, what marvellous work you've done with Daisy, she looks magnificent! The pups are cuter than anything...I bet you have to have the kibble truck come by often!