Friday, June 12, 2009

We lost. Fuck em. Keep fighting.

While the rest of the world is slowly coming to grips with the fact that breed specific legislation does not work, that it kills innocent dogs while not properly targeting the dangerous ones, the Supreme Court of Canada has decided that's just fine.

From CTV's SCC will not hear appeal of Ontario's pit bull ban.

The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear a bid to quash Ontario's ban on pit bulls.

The attempt to take the fight to Canada's highest court was launched in April by lawyer Clayton Ruby.

In his submission to the Supreme Court, Ruby argued there is no scientific or statistical basis to conclude that pit bulls are more dangerous than other dogs.

He asked the Supreme Court to review a decision from Ontario's Appeal Court last October that upholds the province's ban.

Today, the high court dismissed the application to hear the appeal.

The Ontario Appeal Court concluded that pit bulls are dangerous and unpredictable dogs that have the potential to attack without warning.

The Ontario government enacted the Dog Owners' Liability Act in 2005 to ban the breeding, sale and ownership of pit bulls after several incidents in which the dogs attacked people.

Yeah, except that it don't take a rocket scientist to see that this shit law ain't working. The scumbags in our neighbourhoods are changing up their Pitties for other breeds to break bad. Filas, Corsos, Mastiffs are easy options. I've even seen the skanks walking around with a Great Dane pup recently.

So, we here in Ontario will probably keep stewing in the toilet of dog welfare legislation for a few years longer, killing hundreds if not thousands of innocent dogs, shipping the very few lucky ones out of province to more compassionate locales.

Sometimes you just gotta fight the law. Here's a good start:


Social Mange said...

I'm saddened and disappointed, but this is not the end of it. I will fight this McGuinty Liberal unfounded, unjust, vague and shoddy law until I die.
When did "Liberal" become a one-word oxymoron?

Social Mange said...

I'm more worried about the scum with guns than the scum with dogs. Where are all the extra policy McGuinty's Liberals promised us? And what happened to the huge surplus they announced four years ago? How did the McGuinty Liberals turn Ontario into a welfare province in four years?

Vote. Vote. Vote them out.

Heather B said...

If BSL fighters stick together, now that our numbers are as many as there have been murdered dogs, we can get this done. I refuse to vote for anybody in favour of BSL.
If the Tamils can shut down the Gardiner , we can shut down the whole damn province.
SOMEONE has to listen to reason .
I cannot believe that the courts have refused our right to being heard.
I can hear the screams of dogs dying over the sound of the gavel and dammit, I cant take it anymore.
They want war. they got it. We have tried to do it their way. Its our turn. I`ve talked til I was blue about the wrongs of BSL. I`ve posted about it. I`ve handed out flyers. I`ve been laughed at and targeted by the dog police.
Now what? I`m in, Fred.

YesBiscuit! said...

Nothing else to do but keep going. Have to believe reason will prevail one day. Wish that was today.

GoodDog said...

I'm always amazed and confused at BSL legislation. So what does this mean if you own a pitt in Ontario? How do they prove it is a pitt mix? It just seems like such a subjective process.

Fred said...

There's not much proving required, GoodDog. It's up to the discretion of animal control in the area. A perfectly friendly dog can get picked up and pts in one jurisdiction and live a happy life in the next. It all depends on whether AC in that jurisdiction operates in enlightened mode or caveman mode.

I like to think that where I live, animal control (Toronto Animal Services South) is pretty decent but I could drive ten minutes and be in a place that's totally kill crazy.

Social Mange said...

GoodDog, the Dog Legislation Council of Canada did up an information sheet some time ago that explains in plain English how you and your dog are second-class citizens in this province if your dog is deemed to be a "pit bull".

brent said...

The headline says it all...

GoodDog said...

Wow, I just read the link:

It brings tears to my eyes....