Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What would Tim Trow do?

Let's see now. Ex and present employees are coming forth in droves claiming that animals are being left to die in cages and that there are not enough pain meds to go around. Potential adopters are speaking out about being mistreated at the THS by Tim "I’m the president of the Toronto Humane Society and you have to get out of here" Trow. The THS is short on space and apparently short on cash. Donators are alleging that their THS tax receipts have gone missing. Volunteers are saying they are being overworked and then "fired" if they voice any complaint. Protests and petitions are being organized to turf out Trow and his board. The OSPCA is investigating charges of animal cruelty at the THS.

And what does Tim Trow say when asked about his problems?

"Every second animal admitted to the city pound is euthanized."

Yeah, and there are too many children dying around the world. What does this have to do with the fucked-upness at the THS? Never mind that the comparison of euthanization rates between the city pound (Toronto Animal Services) and the Toronto Humane Society is a specious argument, his attempt to detract attention away is just



Jenn said...

The man is obsessed with euthanasia! He pr'd in the Star that he was happy this would shed the light on how no kill is the better way (or words to that effect). "open up the euthanasia debate".

Really, focusing so much on euthanasia is totally beside the point anyway. Until people are educated to understand that pet ownership is a responsibility and not to be entered on a whim and that spaying/ neutering is not against nature but is in fact the kind thing to do, we will have pet overpopulation. And when those pets have nowhere to go due to behaviour/ health/ age etc, some (or many) will be euthanized. Sometimes euthanization IS the kinder alternative compared to a poor quality of life lived in a shelter. Becoming a crazed animal hoarder and ruining a formerly reputable shelter is not the answer.

Anonymous said...

It goes beyond personal responsibility toward one's adopted animal. Nathan Winograd would argue that effective shelter management is critical to getting animals adopted (and keeping the euth numbers down that way). That means making every effort to get out to the community and get those animals moving into good homes.

In addition to the euthanasia statistics, it would be interesting to understand the apples-vs-oranges adoption stats. THS certainly gets runs plenty of adoptathons and gets the press.

There are some issues at THS, but as Eletta said, it would be great if the shelters could work together on behalf of the animals.

Regardless of how the OSPCA investigation goes.

I just shake my head that the animal cause, which is dear to the hearts of many of us, is so rife with politicking. But I guess it's because it's so dear to the hearts of many of us.

Social Mange said...

IMHO, Tim Trow is playing a shell game. "Watch my hands...".

He's trying to divert attention from the important issues - the questions of animal welfare, management competence, fiscal competence and responsibility, so on and so on.

Gotta keep your eye on the prize, he'll try to divert you.

My question for the day - is it true that THS adopts out unaltered adult animals?

If so, they're horribly irresponsible. Or trying to keep their business up, who knows.

Fred said...

It would be amazing if some sort of partnership between TAS and THS arose out of this. Mutual trust would definitely benefit both agencies and a sharing of responsibilities could help alleviate some of the crowding at THS.

In fact, I'm wondering what the fallout on TAS will be now that the THS temporarily has no policing powers for animal cruelty. Criminals aren't going to stop mistreating animals anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

And with the rescue agencies (although didn't THS initially go to bat to relocate Gabriela Nowakowska's Rambo?)

Re: no policing powers, well, that part of the suspension sucks, and it has nothing to do with whether animals are dying in their cages, but rather who gets to carry batons and handcuffs and enforce the OSPCA Act - harrumph! As usual, the animals are the ones that suffer.

But yeah, the good thing that could come out of Kate Hammer's article and the OSPCA audit is some better management practices.

Fred said...

Social Mange, yes THS adopts out unaltered animals although the majority are speutered. Just go on their website and you can see which ones are unaltered.