Thursday, June 4, 2009

A dog's life

Toronto Animal Services South often rescues dogs from Quebec and adopts them out here in Toronto. I'm not sure how many came through TAS' doors in the last year but I think it's in the hundreds.

I've written a few posts about the animal welfare crisis in Quebec in the past (starting here) and now there's an excellent short doc by Annabelle Blais, Pascale Rose Licinio and Redmond Shannon called "A Dog's Life" which talks about some of those problems.

The video is in two parts, below, or you can go here for more credit details. You might recognize Joanne Tasse, one of the people interviewed in the video. She heads up the caacQ and coordinates most of the rescues coming in from Quebec to Toronto Animal Services.

See more on CitizenShift

See more on CitizenShift

(Oops. Someone mentioned mandatory spay neuter laws near the end there. Here's something she might want to read before pushing it too much.)

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Social Mange said...


Mandatory spay/neuter can eradicate a domestic species in one generation.

Go education, not regulation.