Monday, June 15, 2009

Cancellation notice

This was sent in by a reader. Seems like THS has been failing donors for quite some time now.

Toronto, ON XXX XXX
March 13, 2006

Toronto Humane Society
11 River Street
Toronto Ontario
M5A 4C2

Dear Sirs:
I have not yet received my tax receipt for contributions for the year 2005. This has held me up in filing my taxes and I am not pleased.

Also, I adopted a cat in December 2005 which I brought home and kept isolated (as I had been advised he was recovering from URI) for the recommended period of two weeks. At the time I adopted the cat I asked for copies of his medical records to provide to my own vet. As I was leaving, I was handed an enveloped which I assumed contained the documents I had requested but in fact contained only his personality assessment from volunteer groomers. After the two weeks of isolation I let him out with my other cat who then developed a serious case of URI and cost me $270 at my own vet.

In light of both of these incidences, I will be canceling my monthly sponsorship starting April 2006. Please make sure that you withdraw your pre-authorized chequing with respect to my donation.

Tim Trow and his board cronies should be turfed just for squandering the trust and good will of so many Torontonians.

Protest this Saturday at 2. 11 River St.


Social Mange said...

Hahahahaha.....looks like they're as good at doing tax receipts as they are about sending out membership applications.

Meaning - possibly not at all.

Anonymous said...

a 3 year old letter? really?

Anonymous said...

How come I am not surprised at all.
When I took my cats form them last year the records given to me were of some other cats or no medical records at all for my sick kitten. I was told at the time both cats were given a clean bill of health by their vet. Well, the sick kitten was not even assessed by the vet as it turned out.
And he has problem till now. I love my cats and I am happy that they now live with me. My sick kitten would have probably died there.