Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Queen West Cat Colony

An excellent idea posted on behalf of Project Pet Rescue:

we are embarking on a community initiative to help a stray/homeless cat colony that we've named the QUEEN WEST CAT COLONY.

some wonderful members of our community have been helping them and recently myself and some other community members got involved and our goal is to capture them, get them spayed/neutered/vaccinated and find them loving lifetime homes if possible and if they are too feral than to re-release them but at least they are spayed/neutered and not reproducing and causing more helpless, homeless cats etc..

our big REQUIREMENT now are temporary FOSTER HOMES for the cats we do manage to get so they can go somewhere to recover from surgery and stay until a good permanent home is found. these foster homes MUST keep the cats indoor - that is very important.

PLEASE consider fostering a cat and helping our community help the cats. anyone interested to learn more, please email me at info@projectpetrescue.com.

if you are not able to foster but would still like to help.....we are also trying to raise funds for all their spays and neuters. anyone can contribute online and we are very thankful for any donation - no amount is too small.... just log onto: http://www.projectpetrescue.com/ and click on donate button and please reference 'queen west cat colony'.

thanks very much, dora, project pet rescue

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Anonymous said...

TNR (trap, neuter, release) is a compassionate and effective way to deal with these sweet cats.