Sunday, June 7, 2009

THS protest flyers ready for download

The THS Protest group has prepared a series of posters and handouts in preparation for the June 20 at 2 p.m. protest in front of the Toronto Humane Society location at 11 River St. The following is copied from Flyers are ready for download:

The posters and flyers are up and ready for download. To download them please go here. Previews here.

Ideally these should be printed and then photocopied in colour, but that may get expensive pretty quick. Do what you can.

The ones that say tabs mean that you have to cut some tabs on them before you put them up. These ones are great for putting on street posts, in bus shelters, etc.

The ones that say notab are for handing out to people directly, to fax to people and organizations, to put in store windows, etc.

The small handout ones need to be cut. There are three little handouts per layout. These ones are great for handing out at the dog parks, at major intersections, and anywhere else that you else that you can think of where there are a lot of people.

The creative team worked really hard on these. Don’t let their hard work and talent go to waste. There will be more flyers uploaded soon as well as pamphlets and a FAQ page.

If you can help organize a big flyer handout this weekend please send an email to or start a discussion on the facebook page. We need people handing out flyers and posting this around Toronto 7 days a week until the protest. Every hour counts. Let’s make the most of it. We need public pressure to get Tim Trow and the board out of the Toronto Humane Society.


Joanne said...

Woofstock is this weekend.....why don't they go down there and hand out fliers in the Distillery District.

Fred said...

I think you're going to be seeing a few of them down there.