Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Whatever it Takes

Toronto Humane Society press release this morning:

The Toronto Humane Society Completely Vindicated

TORONTO, June 3 /CNW/ - In a surprise inspection yesterday, the Ontario SPCA, along with its veterinarian, examined each of the 1,100 animals at the Toronto Humane Society's 11 River St. shelter and found not a single animal suffering and needing to be euthanized. This inspection proved the allegations made in the Globe & Mail to be false and without merit. After an exhaustive 5 hour search the Ontario SPCA found the clinic and shelter to be spotlessly clean and orderly.
"As we have repeatedly stated, the Globe & Mail articles do not accurately portray the Toronto Humane Society and the diligent care animals receive when they are in our clinic shelter," said Ian McConachie, Senior Communicator at the Toronto Humane Society.
The Ontario SPCA veterinarian recommended different treatment plans for a total of 4 animals. It was agreed that 2 cats in the hospital be given a dental consult and 2 other cats receive additional fluids.
"We expected our 'Whatever it Takes' animal care policies to be vindicated," said Tim Trow, The Toronto Humane Society President. "But now we must show leadership in ending the old fashioned impound and kill policies in Toronto where every second animal is killed in the municipal pounds."

The Toronto Humane Society hopes that the Ontario SPCA will conclude the investigation in short order and will restore the cruelty investigative powers of The Toronto Humane Society very soon. Animals are being neglected and abused and the powers of The Toronto Humane Society to respond have been legally removed. "The real tragedy of these false accusations in the Globe & Mail are that it has led to animals suffering," said Ian McConachie.

For further information: Ian McConachie, Senior Communicator, Toronto Humane Society, (416) 392-2273 ext. 2149, (416) 984-3097

All this let's Trow remain in public denial for a while longer and he gets to replay his prerecorded message once again about pound euthanasias.

It's a shame but what did the OSPCA expect to find on THS premises after giving Trow a day's warning that there was going to be an inspection?

Yes, fortunately for him, animals can't speak. Unfortunately for him, people can. Let's see what happens after the OSPCA reviews all the witness testimony.

And if all this gets swept under the rug again, like the last time the OSPCA investigated the THS, maybe the real police need to be called in.


Anonymous said...

Yep, the spin continues. The full OSPCA report will be interesting, and hopefully available to the public very soon, with plenty of hard facts. Not sure how much they can recommend re: management practices, beyond just auditing against the SPCA Act.

"The Ontario SPCA veterinarian recommended different treatment plans for a total of 4 animals. It was agreed that 2 cats in the hospital be given a dental consult and 2 other cats receive additional fluids."

Out of 1,100 animals reviewed. And no euthanasia.

Should the OSPCA do unannounced spot checks?

So what's left if the OSPCA finds nothing? If this is festering and not fixed, you're right - the sheer weight of media noise will cut back donations, and things will be worse for the animals.

Joanne said...

How do you examine 1,100 animals in 5 hours with one vet??????

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

It's all about lip service.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to come by my blog in the month of May and leave a few comments. I appreciate your input. Hope you come by again soon!


Fred said...

Joanne, very quickly.

Miz Minka said...

This is just ridiculous! That inspection was no "surprise" -- of course Tim Trow & Co. cleaned up the facility as soon as TSHTF! This whole situation is giving me a headache, and I don't even live in Toronto. I really hope the OSPCA does not dismiss the testimonies of so many witnesses. Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Joanne said...

Sure Fred...that is 220 animals per hour or 36 per SuperVet strikes again. I would like to know how they had time to even open the cats' mouths to diagnose oral disease at that rate. It takes me 5 minutes to pry my cats' mouths open and they know me........bull patooties....
Well, what did we really expect....

Fred said...

MizMinka, no, the raid was no surprise at all and that's why when THS issues such blatantly misleading press releases even on such obvious inconsistencies, you know they must be living in some alternate universe where reality is whatever TT wishes it to be. At this point, I can't believe anything they say.

Joanne, maybe you meant 3.6/minute but, yeah, still an excellent point.

Ian said...

Has anyone seen this yet?

[quote].."The investigation is ongoing and we are limited as to the information we can provide at this time. We can disclose that we found animals in distress requiring immediate intervention and as a result, Orders have been issued," says Ontario SPCA Senior Inspector Mindy Hall who is the lead investigator on the case...[/quote]

Social Mange said...

The upper echelon at THS must be dizzy from all the spinning they have to do right now.

joe said...

Same old, same old. It's all bullshit and photo ops. Ever wonder if Mr. Trow holds a position within OSPCA? (hint) Give him enough rope and he'll hang himself. It's mathematically impossible to check that number of animals in the allotted time. This entire ordeal rips my heart apart and somehow makes me feel less a human. Who's heart wasn't feeling pain after viewing those pictures. If the THS doesn't get a clean bill of health, I'll be stunned. It will continue and tomorrow we'll move on. That's the problem with humans. How soon we forget, and how soon we repeat our mistakes. The problem is in the mirror. Keep digging Fred. You'll find more.

Social Mange said...

Word on the street is that everyone, supervisors and all, were dragooned into scrubbing in preparation.