Thursday, June 4, 2009

Strike mandate

With all the turmoil going on at Toronto Humane Society, it's a good thing Toronto Animal Services will still have its doors open for strays and abandoned dogs.

Or will it?

There are talks right now between the city and a couple of its unions over their collective agreement and from what the papers are reporting, those talks aren't going very well . Last month, the unions had already voted in support of a strike mandate if negotiations break down. That would affect garbage pick-up, pools, daycares, ferries. And Toronto Animal Services.

They could all be on strike within two weeks.

Because of that possibility, TAS South will temporarily stop taking in rescue dogs from other shelters. There may be one more drop-off from Montreal this week but then that will be it until the labour situation is settled. The kennels will need to be as empty as possible as there'll only be bare bones staffing, maybe only managers there. I don't how that would work out. There's a lot of stuff to do for only one or two people.

Staff may be lucky enough to get most of the dogs out to various rescues - even if only temporarily - before any strike action takes place but the cats, unfortunately, don't have anywhere to go.

I don't think most at TAS, from either side of the dispute, are looking forward to a strike. I just hope it gets resolved quickly because I'm sure the animals left there won't be enjoying it either.

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Social Mange said...

Can volunteers go in during a strike?

Fred said...

I don't know. Hope so.

Anonymous said...

Fred, can you find out?

Fred said...

Yeah, I'll definitely find out but I suspect there's no official policy on it yet and won't be until they're closer to a strike. It may also depend on the picketers and where they're located and how they're feeling that day and if they know you, etc. etc.