Thursday, December 10, 2009

Give a Christmas gift to the animals at the Toronto Humane Society

The Toronto Humane Society Protest Group is organizing a HUGE donation drive for the animals at the Toronto Humane Society this weekend! There are over 1000 animals at the shelter right now that need your help. The animals will really appreciate the donations and the staff and volunteers will put them to good use!

Between the hours of 7am and 7pm on Saturday December 12th and Sunday December 13th please drop off donations at the Toronto Humane Society. The address is 11 River Street, which is at the corner of Queen Street East and River St.

Here is a list of supplies that the animals in the shelter desperately need.

For the Dogs

Used and new blankets. Please avoid down filled comforters as some of the dogs like to destroy their blankets. Feathers make a huge mess.

Dog beds of all sizes.

Good quality leashes and collars of all sizes. Please make sure they are strong. We wouldn’t want any dogs to break away from their collars while on a walk.

Plastic basket muzzles of all sizes. Pit Bulls need to wear them on their walks.

Plastic bags for the dog walkers

Strong dog toys of various sizes. Kongs, and squeaky toys for the cages, frisbees and large rubber balls for the dog parks.

Grooming supplies. Hair clippers, nail clippers, brushes, shampoo,

For the Cats

Plastic cat toys. Plastic ones are better than fabric ones as the plastic ones can be disinfected properly. The cats and kittens have been living in small cages with almost no stimulation. Some of these cats have been at the shelter for years and would appreciate a toy.

Towels and small cat beds for their cages.

Powdered KMR (Kitten Meal Replacement).

Large plastic litter boxes with no hood.

Cat treats

Grooming supplies like nail clippers and brushes.

Metal Bowls (no plastic please)

For the little guys in the small domestics department

Hideaways and Houses





Exercise wheels

Water bottles that clip to the cage

Cages of all sizes

Bedding and Litter

Anything else you think that a rabbit, rat, mouse, guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, or chinchilla would enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Fred. It's difficult to know how to donate when more donor money goes to lawyers than to support for the animals. But there are still over 1,000 animals in there that need support...

I guess Trow, his managers and the board can't use kibble, blankets or toys...

Fred said...

The OSPCA is still working out access for volunteers but with these gifts, you know the dogs and cats and smaller critters will definitely be getting them.

Biscuit said...


>> Some of these cats have been at the shelter for years and would appreciate a toy.

just broke my heart.

I've been sewing cage comforters, and have a load of those as well as some more towels and blankets to take over there this weekend.

Laura HP said...

Biscuit, that is amazing! I bet the kitties will appreciate hand-made comforters!!

Rabbits are in pretty much the same position as the cats, toy-wise. There are four bunnies that are there who are 1 1/2 yrs old - they were born in foster and have spent their entire lives in the shelter. Toys are pretty new to them but they're starting to appreciate them.

For donations, HAY would be amazing if anyone happens to have any. Fresh hay would be appreciated soooo much by the 60 bunnies, because the current hay is very dry.

Also - cuttlebone and fresh millet are needed for the birds!

Joanne said...

This is a disgrace....more than that, morally, it is a sin and cruel beyond belief. $10 million a year and the animals don't have a damn toy..THS should be ashamed of themselves. Has anyone thought of contacting all the cat rescues in Toronto and the surrounding area and see if they will take one or two of the cats that have been there for so long and try and adopt them out, provided they are in reasonable health. They seem to do a better job of getting animals adopted. I am extremely disturbed by this posting..I was nervous about donating to THS, even through OSPCA, but now a trip to the pet store and I can get a ton of plastic balls, etc. This really, really bothered me. Also folks, you can go into any dollar store and get polar fleece blankets for the cats for $1 each. They are soft and easy to wash. It takes a lot to shock me but this does..

Lynda said...

I'll be dropping by this weekend as well, with loads of dog supplies. Hopefully somebody will be there that can tell me how to apply to be a volunteer.


shirley said...

do you know if there is a way i can make a (small) monetary donation to an individual or group that will use it to buy supplies for the ths animals? i am a bit too far away to drop off actual supplies...

Fred said...

Hi shirley, I can ask if the Help the THS group has the ability to take monetary donations. I'm pretty sure they're not a registered charity, though.

thsprotest said...

Hi Shirley,

The protest group isn't a registered charity so there is no way for us to accept cash donations to buy supplies. Have you considered buying supplies online and having them shipped directly to the THS?

Anne said...

Laura took the words out of my mouth- don't forget the hay for critters! Also, most hard plastic toys that will work for cats will also work for rabbits.
And ping pong balls make great cat toys- cheap, durable, and easy to disinfect

Heather B said...

Yes you could donate to the protesters. There has to be someone in the group that could go shopping and send the lady a receipt.Email works for contacting. The phone works to speak to each other. Never say never.