Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chase has been found!

From Jackie:

Chase Found Safe!!!

After 14 days on the run Chase was found safe today. He is home here with me now & VERY happy!!

Details to follow > we just got in & need to get settled and get everyone fed.

Those details may end up on the Facebook before they end up here so in case you feel like checking, it's here.

Thank you Santa!

Update: From the Facebook site:

By the time I got there Chase had moved to another backyard but the team had eyes on him and had blocked all potential escape routes. Chase had made his way down the side of a house in a space approximately 2ft wide between the house and the fence. He was lying down in the back corner. As I approached him he looked worried and for a moment I thought he might bolt. I talked to him and brought my retriever, Kahlua, up to the fence line. Chase & Kahlua are buddies so it was my hope that if he didn't recognize me, he might recognize her. At first he leaned away but I kept talking to him & then his little tail started to wag. Kahlua put her nose to the fence to sniff him, and his little tail wagged faster. Recognition!!! He came right up to me & took the hotdogs I had for him. And when I stood up, he stood up to the fence wagging and I was able to reach over and take hold of his harness. Mitch looped a leash onto him and we lifted him out. Mitch had him in her arms and we just hugged and kissed him and cried. And he wagged. I cannot describe the feeling of relief. Nor the feeling of gratitude that I have for Mitch (& hubby), Dora, Christine, and Natalie who rushed to the scene to secure the area until I got there. They were determined that we were not going to lose this opportunity to catch him!

Actually, skip Santa. Thank you Jackie and her dog Kahlua and thanks to Mitch, Dora, Christine and Natalie and everyone else who spent some part of their Christmas time helping out in the search for Chase.


deakat said...

Fabulous news! Thanks for letting us know!

Miz Minka said...

What great news!!! Here's to Christmas miracles!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if Chase was still lost and I come here and find out he's back...this is great! I couldn't stand to think of him out there lost, cold & glad he's back, safe & warm. Chase is a survivor but let's just say a prayer for all the other dogs out there, lost & strays, who haven't found their way home or don't have one, struggling to survive. I just wish they could all be saved, like Chase.

Cathrine said...


Amy said...

Oh, I am in tears! I am SO happy for Chase and his family. They have been heavy on my mind, as I have been in their shoes. This is wonderful news and I am just thrilled for them that their sweet boy is home.

House of the Discarded said...

HURRAY!!! I ran into these folks a few days ago at Kipling and Evans while I was doing rescue cat delivery :) They were wonderful and so dedicated.

Exciting news! :)


Anonymous said...

Good dog Kahlua for her search efforts and success in helping Chase recognizing his family!

Marcie said...

What a happy ending :)

Ian said...

Well that`s the best news I`ve read in a long time.
May he have a long and happy life now that he`s home.
The owners must be so relieved.

Anonymous said...

This happy ending makes happier than you know!!!!! very very nice


PS for anyone whose lost a pet.. never give up hope, do everything in your power to spread the word about your missing pet.Check all the shelters, put up posters, get online, make an effort, your pet wants to be found, trust me

Heather B said...

Awesome! Great news. The family`s love and efforts paid off in spades.
I am so happy for them all, but mostly for Chase. It will be a Happy New Year for sure.

Erin said...

Hooray!! I am so thrilled and relieved that he's been found. The people who have been looking for him are amazing with wonderful hearts. Kudos to them!