Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lost dog notifications

I seem to be getting more lost dog notifications recently so I'm adding a sidebar heading at the top left to link to them. The latest one is for Zappa, a red Cocker Spaniel lost in the Islington/Lakeshore area. Unfortunately, there's no photo but I can't imagine there are too many free roaming red Cocker Spaniels out in the west end of Toronto so if you see one, that's probably him.

Update: Zappa has been found and returned to owner.


Anonymous said...

There are unfortunately a whole lot of lost dogs out there right now.

Zappa the cocker spaniel was apparently brought in from the country and is unfamiliar with the city. She slipped her collar at Lakeshore and Islington. Apparently, some mean teenagers scared her.I doubt those dolts had any clue of the consequences.

Word is out that Zappa was spotted this morning near a Tim Hortons around Islington and Queensway (there are three of them in that area).

Chase seemed to be a robust little guy, found as a stray in Ohio, possibly used to upending blue boxes. His recent vet visit checked out fine.

Not sure that Zappa has the same constitution. There's a cold snap coming, and her folks don't have a car to go looking for her, although they are postering and have listings with TAS, THS, Craigslist and Kijiji, and they've contacted Etobicoke HS. So they would dearly like to get this little girl back very soon.

More details on Chase's Facebook page:

Anonymous said...

So glad Zappa was found but not before scoping out Tim Horton's no less, hope somebody through the sweet girl a Tim bit or two for her troubles


Clint Cora said...

I would never let me two dogs out of my sight or go unleashed outside unless in an enclosed dog park. It's just not worth it. I wish people would not under-estimate just how unpredictable dogs can be, especially if distracted.