Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bach remembers me ...

... or maybe he's just being his usual lovely self with everyone he meets. He seems a bit thinner than before his trip up to TAS north for the duration of the city strike and he's blown his winter coat so he looks a little bit shaggier but otherwise, it looks like he's doing okay. Well, he's just as quick to flop down and ask for belly rubs anyway.

It turns out that while he was away, he was put on some kind of larvacide to kill off any heartworm larvae floating around in his bloodstream as well as some antibiotics to kill off associated bacteria that live off the heartworm. Or something like that. It's a little confusing and I'm not sure I have the facts straight but what it means it that he hasn't started his heartworm shots yet. That's going to be Wednesday.

I also didn't realize how much of a risk factor there is associated with this shot. I know he has to stay fairly immobilized for several weeks but it's the first day or so immediately afterward that is especially risky. If the drug kills too many worms all at once or if his heart is too weak, he could die as the worms die, detach themselves and clog up some artery.

TAS isn't going to send him out to anyone until he's survived his first shot at least (there are two more in six weeks). After all the time Bach's spent locked up, he'd better survive this.

More on Bach here.


Ian said...

What a gorgeous guy.
Putting him in our prayers.

Barb said...

I'll send good thoughts his way. Down here we see LOTS of heartworm in rescue dogs, and although you are absolutely correct in that treatment is very very risky, *knock wood* we've never had any serious problems with any of the dogs after treatment.

The injection site can become very painful so hopefully they will be able to give him pain meds if needed. Other than that, crate rest and good food and he should be fine.