Friday, August 21, 2009

One step ahead

The other day I suggested that the Toronto Humane Society could save some time with their rejecting of new member applications by printing off pre-emptive rejection coupons. That way they don't have to write personal rejection letters to everyone they don't like.

I still think that's a good idea. The only better idea would be to not accept any new members whatsoever. I mean why risk it, right? New members might rock the casbah a bit too much. No new members means there would be a much better chance at maintaining the status quo of power.

The really audacious thing to do would be to deny new memberships to everyone then call an Annual General Meeting and hold elections for the board. The existing board could send out notices to all the old membership, hoping that the majority of the members haven't been reading any of this anti-THS trashtalk in the newspapers recently and ask them to hand over their proxy votes to, say, oh I don't know, Tim Trow perhaps? who would gladly vote on their behalf because it's such a hassle to come all the way downtown and vote in person.

Then all the existing board and the management team can coast into another 3 year or 5 year or 10 year or life long term having garnered the needed support through this amazing process we like to call democracy.

Of course being a respectable organization, the rulers of the THS would never pull anything so obvious. It would be like stealing lollipops from babies in broad daylight with their moms standing right behind them.

No, they would never do such a ...

(click on image to enlarge)

... thing.


I gotta hand it to those guys. That's sassy.

One day after the Toronto Star accused THS officials of appearing "to be adopting a bunker mentality", those same THS officials are like giving The Star a stern middle finger and saying, You want bunker? We'll show you bunker! Bunker this!

Aah, if only the THS board would use their superpowers for good - what a fantastic humane society that would be.

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Shannanigans said...

How preemptive of them. As an outsider looking in, this does not look suspicious at all. That is so ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Typical of the THS. Not even a time is posted for the AGM, though I have heard it is at 1:30pm (on Wednesday). They could have at least had it in the evening, but that would encourage the critics to come out, and more members, so it's in the middle of the day to encourage employed members to just send out their proxy for Trow. Notice how the THS is also getting a little free publicity, in the form of Sun articles about adopting animals from Inuviak? What a bizarre move, I doubt it, because it is so incredibly expensive, you would think that they could have spent the money on pain meds or kitten food, but advertising is more important then animal care to them. How much do you want to bet that the THS will manufacture or stage some event soon to gain a little publicity for Trow?

Anonymous said...

Following up on that comment above, the THS has inported more dogs from Inuviak. This time the Sun didn't take them up on the offer for a cute and cuddly article by Don Peat. And, further, a few more pictures of animals they supposedly "saved", all suspiciously just after proxy packages went out to THS voting members.