Monday, August 31, 2009

Sad news for Phoenix

A blog reader (thanks Biscuit) was in contact with the Humane Society of Durham Region about Phoenix and just got this e-mail reply back:

I just got back from Guelph. Things don't look good. The Oncologist saw him and he is still there for tests today but from what she has seen so far it looks like surgery is not an option and she feels he will not do well with other forms of treatment either. As he is still emaciated, radiation treatment is not an option because it burns the tongue and he would have to be sedated for 5 weeks of daily treatments with a feeding tube. At the end of this there is no guarantee it would work. She feels that he is terminal and as of right now he might have anywhere from a few weeks to a few months left. It was as we feared. If he was in better physical condition to start with he might have had a better prognosis but with him being already immune suppressed and emaciated things don't look good.

We are putting together a press release to let the public know. We are going to try and find someone who will foster him for whatever time he has left so that he can at least know love and comfort for the last of his life

We will continue to provide him with whatever he needs to make him comfortable until the end.

Anyone got a miracle they can spare?

Continued here.


Social Mange said...

Nothing to say but...

Hey, God? A little miracle for Phoenix would be nice right now.

Shannanigans said...

praying for a miracle. This should never have happened in the first place. My heart is breaking for Phoenix.

Marcie said...

I really hoped the world wasn't cruel enough to let him die after all of this, even tho I knew better. I pictured a wonderful long life w/ lots of love for this poor guy. My heart breaks just thinking about living in the hell he's lived in, I can only hope that the last bit of his life shows him that not all people are evil & love is the best feeling in the world. I'd foster him in a heart beat.

Anonymous said...

This little guy deserves the best care and love possible. Yes please, a miracle. Make Phoenix well enough that the doctors can see the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

This is not the news I had hoped for. Damn. Poor, poor Phoenix. The only thing positive right now is that at least Phoenix is receiving top vetrinary care during this difficult, heart wrenching, time. He must know we are all rooting for him. That at least, finally he felt some hope, love and tenderness, after what one can only imagine was a life of agonizing hardship and neglect. I will not stop praying and thinking of Phoenix


jon said...

For all that work so hard and give of themselves to do the work of angels.

Holly Cole "Make it go away"
Make it go away or make it better
Isnt that what love is supposed to do?
Make it go away or make it better
Cause I would do either one for you
This is not the way you should see me
This is not the face I recognize
Could I lay my head down here for a moment?
Would you sing to me like Im your child?
Cause Im not angry Im not crying
Im just in over my head
You could be the angel that stayed on my shoulder
When all of the other angels left
Make it go away
Cause I am weak and
This is more than one should have to take
If you do this for me then I will promise
Ill make it go away for you someday
There are reasons with silver linings
There are lessons but I don't care
Cause I just need a hand that I can hold onto
When it's darker than death out there
Oh, and Im so cold
And so far away from my home
But tonight you're
Youre where I belong
Youre everything right
When Im everything wrong
So make it go away or make it better
Isnt that what loves supposed to do?
Just make it go away or make it better
Cause I would do either one for you
Make it go away or make it better
Isnt that what loves supposed to do?
Just make it go away or make it better
Cause I would do either one for you

Miz Minka said...

S**t. This just stinks to high heaven. <:(

Lynda said...

Damn. I was really hoping Phoenix would pull through.

Praying for a miracle......

House of the Discarded said...

Shit. I hate this :(

Meaghan Edwards said...

I am so sad to hear this :(

Anonymous said...

Caught a few seconds of video on OMNI's Chinese news last evening, showing Phoenix enjoying an outing in the grass.

a girL in a coma said...

This is very devastating news. I so wished for Phoenix to make it. I hope he is showered with love and kisses... and when that time comes, that the humane is done upon him and he can at last be well. Heartbreaking. Negligence from humanity... When will we ever learn? :(

Anonymous said...

Dog, let him at least enjoy the grass, fine weather, good food and love in the meantime, for as long as he can.

Yes, Patty Winsa at The Star, "he", not "it". Give your head a shake.