Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Phoenix video

Warning: graphic

From The Toronto Star:

I'm not religious but this makes me want to pray.

Phoenix is still currently under watch at the Humane Society of Durham Region.

(h/t Borderjack) Reward now at $3700 for information leading to the conviction of Phoenix's ex-owner.

Update: Reward now at $5050.

More here.


Shannanigans said...

I can't watch the rest of this, it is making me sick.
Im not religious either but I will say a prayer for this dog.

Barb said...

Poor dog. I haven't heard or read what the cause is of the hair loss and sores... just looking at the pictures it looks kind of like Demodex mange.

We see that a lot in the Dane rescue I work with. Demodex often affects the face and feet the worst, although we have gotten dogs (mostly puppies) who had skin like raw hamburger all over. They don't always recover but most do so it isn't hopeless.
Will keep sending good thoughts his way!

Heather B said...

I believe that Phoenix wandered into that yard for a reason. Getting this kind of neglect and cruelty into the media on a continuing basis is the only way for the world at large to see what we rescuers see often.
I didnt turn on the sound for this vid., as I wanted to watch the dog.
He wants help and will comply with being handled . His eyes are so sad and full of pain. I want to hold him until he knows he is loved.
My heart is breaking for this boy . And I dont want to hear anyone say, as was said in a previous comment, that they killed him . He deserves much much more than the needle.He should be the new poster boy for what the ASPCA CAN do and not what they do best, which in my opinion, is use that needle far too often in many municipalities.

Fred said...

I think it's mange as well but if it's this advanced, it means there are probably some pretty serious underlying factors like a really compromised immunity system. Hope there's more news today about his condition, otherwise I'll try giving them a call.

Anonymous said...

I hope there's a positive update on this boy soon. It looks like mange to me too. He's so emaciated and we can only pray that his systems haven't been compromised beyond the recovery point.

I cannot get images of his long confinement in some awful space out of my mind. And it reminds me of the terrible state of many animals rescued from mills.

Biscuit said...

I slept really poorly last night thinking about him. I hope he was able to get some rest in a soft, safe bed, and that the gentle treatment he's getting at Durham is easing his pain.

His poor ravaged nose.

borderjack said...

The reward is up to $3000.00 "and climbing", per an email I got from DHS. They say, however, that right now, donations are "better put towards his care".

Is it possible that whatever sking condition he has is compounded by a severe allergic condition, perhaps to flea bites?

I'm definitely praying. Hard.

Ian said...

Absolutely heartbreaking.
That`s all I can say.
At least he`s got a chance now and is surrounded by caring people.
He knows kindness now.

Marcie said...

I didn't watch the video but this dog has been in my thoughts. What was most likley an easily treatable condition has turned into this. I'd like 20 minutes with the people who owned this dog. I understand some people can not afford medical treatment for their pets but letting them suffer for god knows how long is inexcusable. I'm sending a whole lotta love that pups way.

borderjack said...

Reward now up to $3,700.00, per DHS.

Anonymous said...

Like Biscuit, I thought about Phoenix all night too.

Last winter, Toronto Wildlife Centre rescued some wolves from Hornepayne, Ontario, that were suffering from sarcoptic mange. The pups were nearly naked. They managed to capture and treat a couple of members of the pack. I have a drawing of one of the wolves that was done by their veterinarian. Just an image of the head as the wolf lay sedated on the examining table. It was beautiful to see that wolf, cured, running off into the snow when she was released.

I hope Phoenix can do the same some day soon.

Joanne said...

Fred, why don't you post this video on YouTube...doesn't seem to be there. You could ask if anyone knows who owns him or if anyone wants to contribute to the reward money. They could sent it to the Durham SPCA for them to add to the reward. A lot of people look at YouTube and maybe, just maybe someone will recognize Phoenix. Just a thought.

borderjack said...

...when they said "and growing", they meant it. DHS reports (2:30pm Thursday) that reward is now $4,700

I know some aren't religiously inclined, but I say God bless everyone who's giving (and praying:)!!! Yay!

Anonymous said...

DHS has an update this afternoon that Phoenix is enjoying wet food, has had a bath and a trim, and is walking around.

Fred said...

Smokes! Pretty soon it's going to be worth it for the actual perp to turn him/herself in just to collect the money.

Thanks for the update, redstarcafe. I've been trying to phone the DHS but haven't gotten through. Contacts tell me that their phone hasn't stopped ringing since yesterday. Donations are pouring in for the reward, Phoenix's med bills and for the rebuilding of the shelter which had a fire recently. I guess this is the silver lining.

borderjack said...

redstarcafe: that's awesome news! Sounds like they're moving with a view to keeping him alive and treating him. As painful as the thought of a bath on raw skin sounds, I'm sure he feels amazing relief. He must feel so much better to be able to walk on his paws after a nail trim.

Fred: thanks for giving us this forum to vent and share about this case (and others)

Anonymous said...

Durham Humane can sure use the help, after all they've been through with the Christmas fire that demolished their old building. HBC points can be donated as well on an ongoing basis every time you make a purchase at The Bay or Zellers. DHS' charity number is on their website.

borderjack said...

redstarcafe: about the HBC points, do they have to be donated at time of purchase, or can accumulated points be transferred?

Anonymous said...

Borderjack, I think they can be transferred. The customer service desk at the store should be able to do that for you.

onequarterdal said...

I posted their website and video to my FB page status. Folks need to know what happens in their own backyards...D

Anonymous said...

To donate HBC points, here is their Rewards page where you can assign a charity.

Click on Community Programs, then Search for a Community. On this page, select SPCA as the Type of Organization, select Ontario and Oshawa. The system will bring up Durham Humane. Click Donate Points and put in your Rewards card number. You'll need to tell them what percent of your points to donate and the end date.

Durham would also appreciate Canadian Tire money and supplies. So you don't have to be rich to help.

borderjack said...

Thank you redstarcafe!

borderjack said...

From the Durham Humane Society website ( updated on August 21, 2009:

"We have recieved test results confirming the presence of cancer cells on Phoenix's tongue. We are planning to transfer him to a specialist to determine the next course of treatment or other options that are in his best interest. His skin condition has been diagnosed and it has been determined that it should respond well to medical treatment. Our website will be updated on a regular basis as to his condition.

The reward for information leading to the identity of Phoenix's owner and their conviction is now up to $5,050.

All money donated other than for the reward will go towards his medical costs."

Biscuit said...

Ahhh goddammit. It's just not fair.

I know they're probably overrun with well-meaning phone calls and drop-ins, but I do wish they'd offer up a little more information: what was the skin diagnosis? How soon might it show improvement? What's his state of mind?

Biscuit said...

(er, I'm not asking you those questions, of course)

(I'm inarticulate with concern!)

Anonymous said...

Not surprised at the skin bit (whatever it is), but the cancer cells are troubling. You can bet his ex-guardian would never ever have dealt with that. Hope the thing is containable and treatment effective.

Biscuit, we can hope that, because dogs are more forgiving than humans, he is happy to have a soft bed, plenty of good food, and care and love.