Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dog and hero

From Kentuckiana Pets:

A day after plummeting 80 feet from the Clark Memorial Bridge into the Ohio River, “Sunny” the pit bull showed no signs of distress Monday apart from a swollen belly.

“A person threw her over. I guess somebody used her to breed and didn't want to take care of her anymore.”


monica said...

That is a great story but I just read on the Ohmidog Blog that the waitress who has taken Sunny in is in danger of being evicted from her apartment if she keeps her because the management considers Sunny a "vicious breed".
So unfair.

jan said...

Sadly Kelsey's apartment rules won't allow her to keep Sunny with her because he is one of those "dangerous breeds."

The world is crazy.

Heather B said...

Wonder what the papers have to say about this act of cruelty?
Likely nothing since Sunny is ``just another PITBULL``
I sure hope they allow that young lady to keep her so we can ALL have a happy ending to a horrible incident.
And how wonderful to see a `saving` story.

Fred said...

Thanks for the updates on this story. Yeah, it sucks.

"Leave it to lawyers, landlords and insurance companies to screw up a perfectly good story."