Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chow neglect in Clarington

From The Toronto Star, Neglected dog "worst ever seen":

Animal cruelty investigators aren't sure if a shockingly neglected dog found in Clarington, east of Oshawa, will survive and are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of its owner.

Other considered titles for this post:

Why we are doomed

Someone needs their kumquats ripped off

I'll throw in another $100 for the tar and feathers

Lynch mob sign up here

Sometimes it's hard not to let the anger boil over, but really, what's important is saving the dog. Everything else is secondary.

Update: Looks like the reward's been upped to $1500.

"He's in horrific condition and in a lot of pain. It's pretty bad," animal cruelty investigator, Debby Houghton, said.

"We see a lot of terrible things ... I've been doing this a long time and this particular case is quite disturbing."

Update 2: (h/t Biscuit) Reward is now at $2500. Please note that there are some pretty graphic photos if you click on the link.

Update 3: Reward at $2600. Video and update here.


jon said...

I would love to weigh the liver of the person responsible for such cruelty.

Bonne chance Phoenix.

Biscuit said...

And once again, the Star story commenters drag out the old saw about wah wah wah, what about all the poor abused children and seniors. Because of course, giving a shit about a tortured dog means you have no shits left to give about human misery. And of course news outlets only have so much room, you see: clearly, running a story about Phoenix's horrific condition has pushed all other news off the Star's website.

Man, I really regret the day that online newspapers decided that giving the great unwashed the ability to post comments to stories was a great idea.

What are this poor guy's odds, you figure? I wonder if a lot of the damage is reparable, or whether there are significant internal problems too.

Fred said...

Biscuit, yeah, I saw those comments. The people who write those are like mosquitoes. You gotta just squish them before they draw too much blood.

I'm going to give the HS there a call tomorrow and see how the Chow is doing.

cblueiii said...

Lynch mob sign-up link doesn't work...

Anonymous said...

sign me and Scott up for the tar and feathering


Anonymous said...

God I hope he recovers, I need a happy ending to this story. I will pray for Phoenix until then. Its up to Pheonix and his will to live now. I didn't even see a dog when I saw the photos the first time. Poor thing looks like a baboon. I am absolutely sickened. The worst thing is that this shit happens all the time, only this time the dog got out. Too much!'


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking a puppy miller or someone who kept Phoenix in a cage and, when problems developed, were too greedy or clueless to deal with them.

Biscuit said...

Looks like the reward's up to $2500 now:

Fred said...

Wow, thanks for the update, Biscuit.

borderjack said...

Hi Fred,

As usual, the Star didn't post info on making donations, so I put it in the comments. For anyone who's interested: - donations via paypal, etc.
Otherwise, I agree with Biscuit's comment above about many posters and giving a soapbox to the masses (the Sun being an even better example - not even moderated). Although, I echo one commenter's post (by "must love dogs") who said that "[b]y acknowledging the issue we are not minimizing others." That about sums it up for the morons who think animal lovers can't or don't care about humans.

I'm not affiliated with durham humane society, but if anyone can help, I think Phoenix needs all the help we can give. His care costs will be substantial. I really hope he's saved.

If I didn't have dogs and cats of my own, I'd be inclined toward vigilanteism. I often think that the only thing keeping me out of jail is my pets and my commitment to them. Because, of course, if I did what I would like to do to people like Phoenix's owner, I'd go away for a VERY LONG time...unlike any asswipe that does things like that to the dog).

Be well, all.

Lynda said...

OMG, I just feel sick about this. Can't even see the pics yet. So very very sad.....

Shannanigans said...

That is so disgusting. What the eff is wrong with people??

And as for commenters who say we should care more about old people and kids...yeah maybe when humanity stops making me NOT care.

Am I the only one who kinda hopes a homo sapien exclusive plague hits soon?

Biscuit said...

Another $100 was added to the reward.

I hope Durham posts an update soon, and I really hope the poor boy's pain's being taken care of. I can't even bear thinking about all that raw,infected skin. I wonder if he can even stand being bathed.

Shannanigans, on my worst days I entertain grim thoughts of that kind of plague hitting - but then so many good, kind people would be wiped out too. We know there are some around. Like Fred.

Anonymous said...

I'm also watching for updates. I do NOT want to read that Phoenix had to be euthanized. His life must have been bloody hell to end up this way and I'm wondering if he was the only one or whether there are other animals involved? Looks like he was living in a cage for a long time.

Not all of humanity deserves the plague. There are many who help and those who care. It just sometimes seems that we're outnumbered.

I hope someone out there knows about this dog and turns the "owner" in, either for the money or, even better, not, since Phoenix could use some help with his vet bills.

Social Mange said...

I am so sick of human stupidity and cruelty. I'm in for the tar&feathers and the lynch mob.

Praying for you, little Phoenix, and all the other abused animals who don't come to light.

Max said...

A glimmer of hope. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sandra said...

redstarcafe that is my theory also, a puppymiller kept him as a stud dog and dumped him when he became a useless liability. Whatever the case, may the perpetrator be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And may their name be published far and wide.

Sara in Stratford ON said...

I absolutely never cry. Haven't for years. Not since I was 26, and I'm 33 now. Not one single, solitary tear. I never give any person that kind of power over my emotions.

But tonight, after reading about Phoenix, seeing all he's endured so far, knowing how much more he must survive, and being aware that even after he heals up as best he can, there will still be people out there who will only see his exterior scars and consider him 'gross' and 'worthless' because of them, I ended up crying. Still at it, and it's been hours. Phoenix and his plight has done to me what no other kind of hurt could, and I can't get his face out of my head.

In all the images I've seen of him, he regards the cameras with a stoic dignity, an uncanny calm that is far more than the effect of whatever painkillers he's currently on. He's in pain and likely scared, but he permits handling and the invasiveness of required treatment with an unflappability that no human could display. There is something enormously noble about this dog. And what's happened to him should never have been allowed to happen.

I hope beyond hope that the cretin who did this is caught. I know damned sure that whatever the legal result is, it won't be nearly severe enough to even begin to pay back the karmic debt owed to Phoenix. I can only hope that his former owner gets jail time and that the other inmates rip him apart. Slowly. Repeatedly. Then, maybe he'll have made the barest start in understanding what he did to that poor dog.

Anonymous said...

Here is an update on Phoenix's condition I got from the moderator of the HS of Durham Region:

Phoenix's condition has become even more serious. He has been diagnosed with tongue cancer along with the skin condition and infections he was already dealing with. He will shortly be transferred to a cancer specialist to see if there is anything that can be done to save him.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's the end of the road for poor Phoenix. The cancer is terminal, as he is too emaciated and his immune system is too weak to withstand treatment. When I think of all this poor animal has had to endure, and what fate has in store for him I just want to cry in despair. I wonder if his previous owner sleeps well at night.