Friday, August 21, 2009

Toronto Animal Services Friday review, Aug 21

This German Shepherd pup is super smart and also very high energy. He knows his "sit" command well enough but sitting still is definitely not what he wants to be doing right now.

Major's already been in a shelter for 4 months in Montreal. He's a relaxed older dog and hopefully won't be spending much more time in his kennel at Toronto Animal Services.

Update: Not even one day in adoption and Major's already been adopted! Hurray for Major.

Isis is a very friendly but submissive (to other dogs) Jack Russel Terrier. Outdoors, she's a doll, but unfortunately, she barks like a banshee in her kennel when she's trying to get someone's attention so she may not be suitable for an apartment.

Isabelle, a Beagle mix, is becoming more secure in her new environment. She was a bit shell shocked when she arrived at TAS after her previous owner died.

Farley is a very playful and affectionate young Border Collie mix. He needs some serious exercise, ideally off-leash and with other dogs. He was trying to get Isis to play with him but she found him a bit too big and energetic.

This pup Corgi, Ruddy, was a stray. His 7 day holding period is up so now he's up for adoption. Blink and he'll be gone.

Update: He's gone.

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.


Anonymous said...

Hey Fred!

Do you know what happened to Olga and Dakota who went to the Hamilton and Burlington SPCA?

Fred said...

They both got adopted out although it took a couple of tries, I think, for both of them. From the HBSPCA website, it looked they went out then were brought back, then went out again. The first time they were out for only a few days but this second time, they've both been out for a few weeks so hopefully their adoptions stick.

Keenan, at HBSPCA also from TAS South, has been adopted just recently.

Biscuit said...

Fingers crossed they're all happily homed now.

The look on that puppy is killing me.

I hope Isabelle is all right. She's the one who had the little coat? "No history; owner died"?

Fred said...

Biscuit, yes she is. The CNE's on right now, so it may be a while before all of these guys are adopted as not a lot of people interested in adopting show up during this time.