Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bach's shots

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Bach got his second heartworm shot today so he wasn't feeling too well when I saw him this afternoon. The staff let him stay in the supervisor's office where it's quieter and a bit cooler. He lifted his head up when I came in the room but that's a far cry from the usual butt wagging greets he likes to give people.

The next few days will be critical and he'll have to be kept very calm, going out for only washroom breaks and then after that, for another four weeks, he'll still have to be kept on minimal exercise. At the end of the four weeks, Bach will get another two shots and then it's another two weeks of no exertion and then finally, if he survives all this, he'll get to go home - and, yup, it looks like he'll have a home to go to.

By the time this is all done, Bach will have been at TAS for almost 5 months. That's a long time to be locked up. It's a good thing Bach's got such an easy-going personality because a lot of other dogs would be kind of screwed up by all that confinement time. While the TAS facilities are pretty good when it comes to animal shelters, it's not that nice to be spending 5 months there. Ideally, there would be a well run, well facilitated humane organization in the city working in partnership with TAS who could take in longer term dogs like Bach and give them a more comfortable environment in which to convalesce.

Let's see how long it takes us to get there. In the meanwhile, Bach's going to be chillin'.


Anonymous said...

Aw, Bach is such a little trooper. I bet the humid weather makes him feel a bit punky too. Hope the shots get those worms out of him, and his new forever people are the kind that would have done all they could so he never got heartworm in the first place.

Steve Bartlett said...

We're all hoping that Bach pulls through. If I didn't have three dogs already I'd be in line to adopt him :)

Biscuit said...

Oh, I'm so happy he'll have a home to go to! I love his big wet nose. I hope the big guy feels better soon. Thanks so much for the update, Fred.

Heather B said...

Bach has been on my mind since you first introduced him to us. He must have had a close to death HW infestation to be enduring so many treatments. How sad that all this misery could`ve been avoided with some Revolution or Heart Guard.
He`ll make it . He has lots of prayers following him and a family .
Dogs know when they are loved and wanted .

Anonymous said...

Hey Fred,
I was at the shelter walking last night and took Bach out for his quick pee break. He was up in his cage wagging his tail when I went in, and although it was not with his usual energy, it was a relief to see. He also got lots of love and cuddles and was resting well when I left.


Fred said...

Thanks for the update, Jenna.

Shannanigans said...

Poor little guy. I hope he is ok in the end