Thursday, August 13, 2009


Given the recent news about how messed up the Toronto Humane Society has become under the "leadership" of Tim Trow, it's no wonder that concerned citizens are trying to change things in the facility to improve the lives of the animals caught in its grasp. The first step to change is to get heard and the only way to get heard by the seemingly untouchable board of directors who run the THS is to become a member of the THS. After all, you can't play with the big boys if you don't join the club.

You'd think that any organization which relies heavily on volunteers to maintain the well-being of the animals under its roof would welcome new members with their donations of money, time and energy. And you'd think that any healthy, transparent, volunteer based organization would happily be open to suggestions and critiques especially when there is so much to answer for in the public's eye. You'd think that an organization whose main concern is supposedly for animal welfare would eagerly accept whatever help it could get when animals lay sick and dying in their cages, when medical supplies no longer meet the need, when other animal rescue organizations will have nothing to do with the place, when donation receipts allegedly go missing on a regular basis, when tens of thousands of dollars, possibly more, are spent on frivolous lawsuits, when decent food is not available, when ... anyway, you get the picture.

You'd think the THS would want more members to help out.


Paranoia is their co-pilot.

Here's a sampling of what many people have been receiving back in the mail after recently attempting to join the THS. The big boys don't want them.

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Yup. That's Fortress THS hard at work keeping the hordes at bay. Spy on people much?



You are not wanted.

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Shannanigans said...

I see that things are not really different at any "Humane" society.
I had to stop volunteering at mine due to lies, corruption, dogs and cats being unnecessarily euthanized, poor treatment of volunteers...the list goes on. The board has been in place forever and it doesnt look like they are leaving any time soon. That is why now, I throw my support to local rescues that work from their own homes and pockets. It is such a shame.

Social Mange said...

With the significant drop in donations, you think the THS board would see the writing on the wall and open up well as garnering the $30 per, which they'll need to partially offset the drop in donations. As usual, paranoia and shortsightedness rule.

Also, how does THS know that one has been "pamphleteering"? That smacks of invasion of privacy, almost stalking. Have Timmy & Co. heard of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

Fred said...

Well, Shannanigans, I have to hope there are at least some examples out there of better running Humane Societies than the one we've got in Toronto, but I agree that when it comes to rescue, it does seem that smaller is better. Less people, less politics, less money and power to tempt people astray.

Social Mange, the THS does love its surveillance equipment.

Shannanigans said...

Fred: I am in Thunder Bay, and while not a large rescue by any means, it has many of the same problems. I had to quit when a couple of the dogs I was training were euthanized for no watching staff get fired for manager's mistakes and volunteer students getting screamed at really turned me off the whole place. My heart breaks for the animals stuck in these places

GoodDog said...

holy crap. that's all I can say really. holy crap.

Marcie said...

The THS needs no help from any of us, they defame the place just fine on their own. Yes my intersts are in conflict with the interest of the current THS. I am interested in the welfare of animals & the humane & ethical treatment of them. I am interested in spay & neuter clinics, medical treatment, feeding animals food that is not rotten, taking dogs for walks, raising get where this is going. Obviously those interest conflict w/ the ones of the current board @ the THS. Now I have $30 to spend on some more flyers atleast o)

Marcie said...

BTW- I never even applied to be a member. They sent me a preemptive membership rejection letter. Why did Hambley take the time to sit down & write this letter? Who put the idea in his head that I wasn't "member material"

I'm guessing Trow told Hambley who wasn't allowed to be a member & like a good little puppet Hambley wrote the letter without asking any questions or even checking to see if I even applied.

The Toronto Humane Society rejected an application that was never sent, which speaks volumes about how dysfunctional the Toronto Humane Society's policies are. The THS does not even know my address let alone my views on animal welfare. Trow & Hambley both need to spend more time worrying about animal care & less time hand picking members to try & secure seats on the board.

I'm not sure which one of those 2 is the bigger idiot. I'd like to see Trow produce my application, it's impossible because he never received one. Pretty clear to me the only way in that club is by being on the list.

Fred said...

Marcie, that's hilarious you got rejected and you didn't even apply. That's like being fired from a job you don't work at. If you work it right, maybe you'll win the jackpot for a lottery you never bought a ticket for.

thsprotest said...

The rejection letters made the news today. The Toronto Star ran the article in the GTA section. The same article is on the second page of the metro. CP24 has included it in their text news blurbs at the bottom of the screen. Hopefully this will motivate people to apply for membership and to make an informed decision when voting at the AGM.

Thank you so much for writing about the rejection letters One Bark At A Time.