Friday, August 14, 2009

Toronto Animal Services Friday review, August 14

Miniature Pinschers can sometimes be a little snippy but Victor's a real love bug:

Magnum's a Doberman crossed with mystery dog - maybe Lab? - and he's a bit underweight but I suspect when he's well nourished and up to a proper weight, he's going to be one strong boy. Lucky, he's fairly good on a leash, knows some basic commands and is an all round happy dog:

Jessie's a Beagle who loves to talk. She says hello to everyone she passes - no joke. She's very social so I hope whoever gets her, appreciates a chatterbox:

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.

Update on Victor here.


GoodDog said...

Oh man can we get a picture of Victor standing next to Magnum??

What a bunch of cuties.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god his name is Magnum????? love love love it. I was working on his bio and was like "I need a name that sounds powerful, strong, big" couldn't come up with anything, I love magnum. magnum is an awsome dog who will be so loyal and traineable. i was most impressed. And yes Henrietta said hello to everyone when i walked her too and a lot of people were a little confused lol


Anonymous said...

haha so true about getting a photo of Victor and Magnum standing together. Would be too cute