Saturday, August 15, 2009

Missed these two yesterday

There were a whole lot of kids from vet camp visiting Toronto Animal Services South on Friday. First of all, what's with vet camp? How come I didn't have vet camp when I was a kid. All I had was go out into the woods and get bit by mosquitoes camp. Later I had sneak out with the "councilors" and drink and barf camp but never do I remember having vet camp.

Anyway, the kids spent a lot of their time hanging out with Joy, a young German Shepherd/Husky mix, who really was a good sport to be entertaining those couple of dozen really enthusiastic youngsters. I think they all wanted to save the world, or at least the animal world. Good for them. We need more people like that.

It was a very hot day for Squirt, a Shih Tzu, even with his matted locks all shaved off. I don't think he spent as much time with the kids given their many hands and his smaller stature. This guy would be happy with just one welcoming lap and some AC:

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.


Shannanigans said...

vet camp sounds awesome. I would have gone...of course, "drink and barf" camp sounds fun too...

Social Mange said...

Was that the K9 Rescue vet camp? More about it here...scroll down on the left to Pawsitively Pets Kid Camp.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh Fred you are making me laugh today. Bit by mosquito camp????? lol too much. seriously though I want to go to vet camp too. If I had gone to vet camp I would certainly not be working where I am today, so not fair. Lucky kids. That is the most amazing thing.


Fred said...

Shannanigans, the amount of fun depended on the drink:barf ratio mostly.

Yup, that musta been them. Thanks for the link Social Mange.