Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The pre-emptive rejection coupon

After receiving several membership applications from people who didn't fit the Toronto Humane Society board's profile of who an ideal member should be and then having to send out rejection letters to those pesky applicants, someone at the THS must've thought it would be good idea - because they'll do whatever it takes - to proactively turn down people who might want to apply for membership but haven't yet actually done so (see this post here and Toronto Star article here).

Now to most of us who aren't as savvy about what it takes to maintain a stranglehold on power in a charitable status organization, this might seem to be indicative of a mentality that is fraught with paranoia and suspicion but as it turns out, it's actually good PR. You see, by rejecting new members outright even before they go to the trouble of filling out a form and stuffing it in an envelope and putting a stamp on it and dropping it in a mailbox, the new members rejection committee at the THS is saying, Whoa, there, young lassie. You don't need to go to all that effort because we don't wantcha anyway.

That's right. They're actually saving people time, effort and money and who doesn't want to save time, effort and money especially in today's cruddy economic climate? Sometimes I'm amazed at how thoughtful the THS can be.

Still, it must be tedious to have to "research" potential rejectees and find their contact info and type out individual letters and make up excuses for why they've been turned down. I think it would be much easier to just make some coupons and hand them out to anyone who isn't 100% enamored of THS prez Tim Trow and his hive of heroes.

(click on image to enlarge)

Someone criticizes the THS for not properly treating sick animals. Give 'em a coupon.

Someone criticizes the THS for letting animals languish in cages for too long. Give 'em a coupon.

Someone criticizes the THS for not spaying and neutering before adopting out an animal. Give 'em a coupon.

One little coupon. So many uses.

You're welcome.

More here.


E said...

Nice! I also suggest printing up some coupons for the THS's PR person Ian McConachie to give out to all newspapers and press:


Shannanigans said...

wow. Good idea about the coupon. Maybe I will bring this to the TBD&HS in Tbay. Or would if I was allowed at a closed door board meeting

Melanie said...

I'm going to print that out and give it to Marcie tonight at the meeting.

You crack me up.

Heather B said...

pssst...what happened to that video..You know the one.
Can people vote by proxy at ths meetings? I can find 30 bucks to get these bone heads gone.

Fred said...

Heather B, you mean this one?

Last time THS members voted by proxy in droves. Trow allegedly had control of those votes and gave them all to himself. So, if you want to vote, the best way is in person.

Social Mange said...

If a THS member can`t attend, I suggest giving proxy to a member of Association for Reform of Toronto Humane Society.

And Fred, your post today was TOO funny! Love the coupon idea!

Social Mange said...

I am curious....has anyone asked the federal Privacy Commissioner whether surveillance by THS constitutes invasion of privacy? Seems to me that if THS knows your name and your activities, it's spending time and money invading a person's privacy - that would be much better spent cleaning up the mess they've made.

Also, some of the statements in those letters sound actionable. Have the recipients contacted lawyers?

Fred said...

Social Mange, I believe people in the THS protest group have contacted lawyers but I don't know over what. The allegations in the rejection letters may be actionable but from what I hear, the group's got a lot of good material already which applies more directly to the well-being of the animals.

Marcie said...

Fred you hit the nail on the head with this one. No need to apply for membership & you better not try either. They have a special coupon with your name written all over it. Funny an organization that makes millions a years is always in need of a little more money, but that same place is not willing to accept the help of the general public when we want to give them our $30 in order to vote.

They skipped trying to find my actual mailing address & just went ahead and mailed it to Melanie's instead, her application was on the desk they figured it would save them even more if they just sent it to her.

One little coupon. So many uses :o)

Good Deals said...

I need to learn more about couponing. But Laurie....we need to talk. All those plastic bags.....and paper plates. GASP!
You're so cute.